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Review statutes/regulations

Bickmore’s knowledgeable consultants will identify, recommend, and assist with implementation of practical changes to the regulatory oversight of group self-insurance.

Benchmarking/best practices of other states

Bickmore has researched group self-insurance in many states and is available to assist states in tailoring best practices to their own unique circumstances.

Peer review actuarial studies (rates & liabilities)

Bickmore has a team of actuaries who specialize in workers’ compensation and who have a track record of efficiently and accurately peer reviewing group self-insurance actuarial studies. We review the reasonability of the actuarial methods, assumptions, and conclusions.

Financial health overview

Bickmore uses available basic financial and actuarial information on each group self-insurer to review and determine its financial solvency based on the State’s existing practices, policies, procedures, statutes, and regulations.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I enjoy working with the Bickmore actuaries. What I really like about them is not just that they provide UC with timely and accurate cost projections, but they are truly our partners in addressing risk innovatively...”
    Grace M. Crickette, Chief Risk Officer
    University of California

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  • “With nearly 500 member corporate and non-profit entities, the Security Fund relies upon key independent professional service organizations and consultants such as Bickmore to provide it and its Board of Trustees with the highest level of professional support and factual analysis...”
    Jeffrey W. Pettegrew, Executive Director
    California Self-Insurers’ Security Fund

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